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Commercial Cooling Equipment for Electronic Systems


ELECTRO IMPULSE LAB., INC. (also trading as ELECTRO IMPULSE, INC. ) was originally founded in 1949 as a research and development enterprise. With our decades of experience, we are recognized as a leading designer and manufacturer of commercial closed loop cooling systems; our products include cooling systems for high power radar and similar applications; we specialize in producing cost effective COMMERCIAL solutions to replace older full MIL equipment.

Our dedicated staff of engineers and skilled crafts people work together as a team in an ISO-9001 environment to produce high quality systems completely in-house. We have the experience, staff and capability to handle any application, from standard units to the most complicated and complex applications. While we offer systems for many coolant types, we specialize in and are best known for PAO Systems. ELECTRO IMPULSE LAB., INC. products are in use worldwide.

BAE Gold Award
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